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Awesome Frames!

November 2nd, 2008

09:03 pm - New kid
I'm 26 years old and I've worn glasses for most of my life. I have strabismus in my right eye -- basically, it drifts inward and I don't have great vision in that eye. I'm self-conscious about that but not about my glasses, which I love.

I've been thinking about getting some sweet vintage-inspired cat eye glasses and having my prescription lenses put in. Is that possible? How would I go about doing that for cheap? (I have no insurance! Awful, I know...)

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October 26th, 2008

02:54 pm
i'm twenty-five, and i've been wearing glasses/contacts for twenty years!

photos of my current frames.Collapse )

and now, a question. i am very nearsighted (my rx is -8.75 in both eyes) and without corrective lenses i just see blurs. do any of you bespectacled girls have tips for eye makeup application? i've tried those magnified makeup mirrors, but i still have to get very close to the mirror to see anything. i'm okay putting on mascara and undereye concealer, but eyeliner and eyeshadow are impossible. any advice or words of wisdom would be lovely! thanks.

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October 19th, 2008

11:37 am - Guess who has a cool new necklace?
 Purchased at H & M

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October 11th, 2008

02:54 am - Hi. :)
Hey girls. :) I'm Aeryn, and I hail from Australia - I got my first pair of glasses slightly more than 18 years ago, when I was 6, so I've been a specs-wearer for a very long time! Heh. I dislike wearing my glasses a lot of the time, but as I'm not willing to wear contacts or undergo laser surgery, they're my only option (unless of course I want to be as blind as a bat, as I am severely near-sighted). Besides, I look better in them. ;)

'Tis moi. :)

I've had my current pair for three years now, and I'm planning to get a new pair fairly soon - I'm about due for an eye test anyway. I'd love a pair with half-frames, though it depends on how well they suit my face, of course!

Anyway. You are all absolutely gorgeous, and I look forward to getting to know you all. :)

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October 8th, 2008

05:36 pm - New Member
Okay so after posting this photo in my journal I got into a conversation about how I love chicks with glasses and there should be a site exclusively for us. Well, I found you. This is me on the way to work this morning.

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August 23rd, 2008

12:23 pm - New Person :)
I've had glasses since I was about 6 and have not taken them off since :) I'm very proud of them and no matter how much my parents, friends, etc. try to pressure me into buying contacts, it won't happen.  I adore my glasses :D <3


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August 5th, 2008

08:14 pm - Help me choose!
I am treating myself to a new pair of glasses.  My reasoning is that I do some caregiving/respite work for a boy with autism, and he is fascinated by glasses (and usally breaks them).  He tries to steal mine all the time, and last week, he threw them up an escalator.  So I'm going to replace the lenses in my current frames, and get myself a cheapo pair of complete glasses through this amazing website, ZenniOptical.  It's a totally legit site, and I can find out my prescription when I get my new lenses.  So all I have to do is choose frames.

Want to help me pick?


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06:19 pm - newbie :]
ello girls :D
i have worn glasses for about 5-6 years
and gone through three frames
and the ones i have now are my fav :D

they are green/black calvin kleins that actually were quite a bit, but definitely worth it :D
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09:12 am
mah glasses.Collapse )
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July 30th, 2008

10:06 pm - i adore my spectacles :]

girls with glasses have more class.

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